Boerne Roofing Company

Transcendent Roofing is proud to offer a variety of roofing services to those in the Boerne area. We have the skills and equipment to take on any project, whether you have a residential or commercial property. Our team?s experience means we can work on roofs of any material and any style, ensuring Boerne residents do not have to search high and low for a roofing company to hire.

Roof Maintenance and Inspections At Boerne Homes

Completed Roofing Job In BoerneMost homeowners do not think about roof maintenance or inspections until it is too late, but Transcendent Roofing wants to change this. We want those in Boerne to remember that maintenance helps keep your roof in top condition, minimizing the impact of wear and tear. Inspections give you the chance to spot a potential problem with your roof while it is still a simple fix. If you put off an inspection, you may not notice an issue until you have a huge leak that spills into your house and damages your possessions.


Because of the importance of maintenance and inspections, Transcendent Roofing gladly offers both services to those in Boerne and the surrounding areas. We encourage you to schedule a regular inspection at least every few years to ensure there are no problem areas on your roof. If you notice anything unusual, from a leak to warped shingles, have us inspect the roof for you. We can let you know if your concern is serious and provide a course of action to take care of it, whether that includes repairs or replacement.

Roof Repairs

Metal Roof Installation In Boerne

Metal Roof Installation In Boerne

Speaking of roofing repairs, this is one of the many services that our Transcendent Roofing team can offer you. Before we start repairs on your roof, we will ask you about the signs you noticed that indicated something is wrong. From there, we will complete an inspection of the affected area and the surrounding parts of the roof. This helps us determine the extent of the damage and confirm that repairs are sufficient to resolve the problem.


With this information in mind, we use our expertise to figure out the best method of making the repairs. We will gladly explain everything to you, from the problem, its likely causes, and our solution. Then, we get started on the repairs to enhance your roof?s condition.


In addition to the typical roof repairs, Transcendent Roofing can also take care of storm damage repairs in Boerne. Storms in the area tend to be tough on the roofs, particularly if they include hail or extremely strong winds. Our expertise can determine if the storm damage is purely cosmetic or negatively impacts the functionality of your roof. This can help you determine whether you want to go ahead with repairs right away or wait, the latter of which you should only do in the case of purely cosmetic damage.


Roof Installation in Boerne

It should come as no surprise that Transcendent Roofing can also provide roof installations in Boerne. As mentioned, we can install a roof on residential and commercial properties, and we have experience with both types. Our installation services go beyond just buying the materials and putting them into place.


If you want, we can also assist you with choosing materials and making other roof-related decisions. We encourage you to put our expertise to good use to get a roof that is in your budget and meets your aesthetic requirements. We can also give you information on how long your type of roof will likely last and its maintenance requirements.


Quality of Service

Boerne Completed Roof Installation

Boerne Completed Roof Installation With GAF Timberline HDZ

No matter the type of roofing service you choose to hire us for, Transcendent Roofing will always make quality of service a priority. This includes both the quality of your roof and the quality of our customer service.


We have strict standards of roofing quality that we always meet before leaving a project site for the last time. We use the highest quality materials, as we know that they will hold up in Texas weather. Transcendent has the best methods for the roof installation and opt for the finest tools. All of this combines to allow us to work efficiently and deliver results in the form of a fully functional and durable roof.


Our strive towards customer service quality involves paying close attention to your experience before, during, and after our roof work. To start on the right foot, we are always honest with you about the condition of your current roof and your choices as to services and materials. We never try to up sell you, unless it is in your best interests. This means that when our team suggest you replace your roof, you can trust we are being honest. This is of utmost importance to us and not just trying to make a profit.


Experienced, Certified Boerne Roofers

Our team has plenty of experience within their role. This includes our contractors to those who spend most of their time in the office. We know that experience is the best way to hone your skills, so we look for that in new additions to our team. We also maintain our high levels of experience and training. This is done by keeping up to date with any advances in the industry. This is why we stay up on new materials to new techniques.


Boerne Standing Seam Metal Roofing Job CompletedOur experience helps us deliver the quality service that we pride ourselves upon at Transcendent Roofing. Completing the various tasks up on your roof is second nature to our team. This is thanks to the amount of time we have spent performing the same task in the past. Our experience also guides us in terms of staying safe and preventing damage to your property during our projects.


Our roofing experience allows us to work efficiently on your Boerne roof. This means your project gets done in a timely manner. Therefore you do not have to put up with disruptions for long or worry about labor costs increasing.


Let Transcendent Roofing take care of your Boerne roofing needs.