Converse Roofing

In the search for roofing in Converse, turn to Transcendent Roofing. Our team of experienced roofing contractors can complete your roofing project efficiently while meeting high standards of quality.

Exploring Our Converse Roofing Services

At Transcendent Roofing, we offer the full spectrum of roofing services, so you do not need to hire multiple contractors to take care of all of your Converse roofing needs.

Roof Installation

Converse Roofing ProjectMany clients turn to us for installation services, including part of new construction as well as replacing existing roofs. Before we install your new roof, we ensure that everyone is on the same page. We want you understand the benefits and considerations for your chosen roofing material. If you have doubts about what roofing material to choose or your installation choices, our team will gladly assist you. We can provide insight into the different choices so you can make an educated decision.


Before we leave your property, our team will inspect the roof to ensure our work is up to our standards. We will also make sure you do not have any questions. This is the ideal time to ask us clarification about things like longevity and maintenance.


Roof Repairs

Transcendent Roofing also regularly completes roofing repairs on Converse homes and commercial properties. Some of our repairs are minor and take just a few hours to complete. Others are more intense and require days or even weeks. Regardless of the repair needed, you can count on our team to take care of it for you.


As with new roof installation, we take the time to ensure you understand the planned work before we begin. We will explain why the roof repairs are necessary and the long term affects if ignored. We will let you know the estimated time on the repairs and advise if anything unexpected arises.


Maintenance and Inspections


Completed Roof Installation In ConverseYou can also take advantage of our maintenance and inspection services at Transcendent Roofing. When we install a new roof for you or complete repairs, we will gladly remind you about the structure?s maintenance requirements. We can take care of many of the maintenance tasks for you. This is particularly helpful for those who are not comfortable or unable to climb on a roof.


Inspection is perhaps our most important maintenance-related service at Transcendent Roofing. Inspections can be a part of regular maintenance as a way to catch issues early. They can also be a part of repairs, letting us evaluate if a problem exists and how to resolve it.


We Work on Any Type of Roofing In Converse

Whether you have a residential or commercial property in Converse, Transcendent Roofing is ready to assist you. We have experience working on all types of property. As such, we can complete your project efficiently and to meet our strict standards.


Our ability to work on any property extends to any type of roof. We frequently work on roofs with asphalt shingles as this is a common option for Converse homes. We also work on other roofing materials, from slate to tile to standing seam metal to TPO. Even our shingle roofing options are varied, with different types of gauges and seams.

Converse Counts On Our Experience and Certified Roofers

When you choose Transcendent Roofing for your roof, you get to take advantage of our vast experience. We make it a point to hire contractors with their knowledge bases, skill sets, and experience. This builds on that experience with more roofing projects, ensuring we fill any gaps in the skills of our contractors. We have completed nearly 3,600 roof replacements, almost 7,900 repairs, over 1,750 commercial roofing projects, and over 3,250 metal roofing projects. With our company history, every member of our team has plenty of opportunities to hone their skills.


You do not have to just take our word for the experience and quality of our work at Transcendent Roofing. Our company has preferred contractor status from Owens Corning and has a GAF certification. This status and certification, respectively, are incredibly difficult to get and reserved for only the roofing contractors. We are also GAF Certified, accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and a licensed roofing contractor by RCAT. This should give you added confidence in the work that we do.


Values You Appreciate In A Converse Roofing Company

At Transcendent Roofing, we have a core set of values that our Converse customers appreciate. We always strive to deliver great services throughout every single interaction with us. This top service begins with the first phone call or when you fill out our contact form. It never ends, even after the roofing project is complete. Converse Roofing Project


Each and every contractor at Transcendent holds themselves to the highest standards, with the company having incredibly high standards. This means that we always inspect our projects with attention to detail before declaring them complete. It also means that we always opt for the highest quality materials available. Our experience lets us determine which are the best, so you can benefit from that knowledge.


We also have high professional standards. Every single member of our team is the best at their job, which is why we hired them. This includes everyone from the roofing contractors to the project managers to the office managers.


Finally, we always strive to offer creative solutions when necessary. We will gladly perform basic roofing tasks, but we can also adapt our services to your unique needs. We offer onsite consulting to our customers, ensuring you have the information you need to make an informed decision.


The next time you need roofing services in Converse, contact us for high quality and reasonably priced services.