Commercial Project

At Transcendent Roofing, we welcome commercial projects where we are able to help businesses install and maintain their roofing. Each commercial project is slightly different from the others as every business has its own roofing needs and everything from the material chosen for roofing to location will affect its maintenance and repairs. That being said, the projects always follow the same path.

Selecting The Right Commercial Roof

Many of our commercial projects begin with a roof installation, whether it is installing a roof on a new building or replacing the old one on a structure that has already been around for years. Regardless of this, the commercial project will not get anywhere until we have thoroughly discussed the various roofing options with our clients. Our team goes over the choices for materials, including the benefits and disadvantages of each, and makes suggestions as to what seems to work best in your particular situation.

Installing The Commercial or Low Slope Roof

After selecting the roof, it is time for our experts to get to work with installation. Our team tackles commercial projects of any size and gets them done in an efficient manner. By quickly completing the roof installation, you are able to get your business open as soon as possible, maximizing profits. At the same time, we never sacrifice quality for speed; our goal is delivering a roof that you will be satisfied with and secondary goals include efficiency and low cost.

Maintaining The Roof

Our commercial projects are not done once we finish installing your business’s roof. This is just the beginning of a hopefully long relationship where we will provide you with your roof maintenance needs. Since we are already familiar with your building?s structure, we can easily assess the roof during regular maintenance sessions. We will work with you to set up a schedule for those maintenance visits, during which we can clean the roof and do an inspection to catch any problems early.

Taking Care Of Commercial Roof Repairs

Throughout the life of your roof, our commercial project continues as we perform needed repairs. During the maintenance appointments, we will be on the lookout for any issues requiring care. We are also always just a phone call away if you notice any problems and we are not due for an appointment anytime soon. As with all of our other projects, our commercial project repairs are always completed efficiently and we will explain everything to you carefully so you know what caused the problem and how we are resolving it.