Roof Installation

Among the many services we provide at Transcendent of San Antonio is installation of roofs. This can be part of a new construction project, an addition to an existing structure, or in the form of a replacement roof for buildings with damaged or old roofing. No matter your needs in terms of roof installation, our team of experienced roofing contractors is here to help.

Confirming You Need A New Roof Installed

Before actually completing roof installation on your San Antonio property, we will confirm that this is indeed the best course of action in your particular situation. While you likely have a good idea as to whether or not you need a new roof installed, we may sometimes be able to complete repairs instead of replacing your existing one.

When determining whether you need a new roof on your business or home, we will look at whether the shingles no longer line up straight, whether they are curled or cracked, and whether there are any signs of water damage in the attack due to leaks. Any of these factors can confirm that you do indeed need us to install a roof, not just repair the existing one.

Why Hire Our Professionals To Install Your Roof

You may be tempted to install your roof yourself, but this is a very poor decision unless you have training in the field. Transcendent Roofing of San Antonio is made up of roofing contractors who know everything about roofs. This allows us to easily install your roof correctly in a way that will last for decades. We also always use the top quality materials to the get job done as this is one of the best ways to ensure the durability of the roof’s construction.

Of course, safety also plays a role anytime roofs are involved due to the height. Even a single story home would present a significant height to fall off of and in the case of those with multiple floors, the risk increases. Our team has years of experience working on roofs regularly, helping us remain comfortable up there and maintain our balance. Of course, we also know all the necessary safety precautions to take, some of which you would likely overlook if you were to attempt the job yourself.

Assistance Selecting The Right Roof

In addition to the actual roof installation, our knowledgeable staff can also assist you with choosing the material you should use for your particular structure. Asphalt shingles are the most popular among homeowners with a few choices of materials, a relatively low cost, and reasonable durability. Some people may also want to consider metal, although it is more expensive since it is highly resistant to both wind and fire and has extra durability. Plastic polymers can look like other roofing materials and are praised for their low maintenance while standing seam metal roofs are expensive but have a great look with excellent durability. We can walk you through these and other options, including concrete tiles and more.

At Transcendent Roofing of San Antonio, we are with you every step of the way during roof installation, from confirming you need our services to selecting the material to actually installing it. Of course, we are also there for you in the future if repairs become necessary.